Angela Bonten Fine Art
Acrylics and Mixed Media


Angela (Anjy) Bonten is a British Columbia artist residing in Kelowna in the Central Okanagan.  Angela is known for her expressive and diverse style. On this website you view examples of Angela's art. While some of the work is in private collections other original paintings are for sale.

Angela is a multi- disciplinary artist, instructor offering art retreats and motivational speaker.

  MusARTiqa performance art -

Evolutionary Fuque is a conceptual journey in markmaking


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Artists Statement

"Being an artist defines who I am.  The creative process is the essence of my life from viewing, studying and creating the work.  I do not adhere to one particular style but alternate depending on the subject matter and my mood.  I generally work in series and keep exploring an idea. I am spontaneous when I work.   I love to respond to the accidents of the paint.   As in life,  I try not to have a preconceived idea of what the outcome will be.  For me, painting is a time to explore, contemplate my environment and express my  inner feelings"